Thank you for shopping Hatikva.com.  Although we make every effort to offer the best quality items at a fair price, our inventory, availability, and prices are subject to change at any time, even after you've placed an order.  Many of our items are custom pieces by artists or semi-custom work by artisans and may vary in material, color, size, shape, and texture.    Additionally, many of our pieces are made of precious metals and are subject to fluctuations in the commodities market.

Because we attempt to use reputable shipping services that insure the safe arrival of your order, we cannot be responsible for items damaged in shipping and rely on the carriers to reimburse you for any losses in shipping.  Typically the carrier requires that you report any loss or damage in shipping to them immediately upon arrival, or forfeit your claim.  While we may from time to time assist you in the claims process, at no point are we taking responsibility for the claims process or its ultimate resolution.  Generally, if your shipment was of an urgent nature your best option is to immediately place a duplicate order so that your order is fulfilled to your expectation as soon as possible and not be reliant upon the completion of the claims process which could possibly take a number of weeks.