Joel Bless

Joel Bless has been working with hot glass since the 1970’s, when he opened his first hot shop, and his items have been sold and exhibited in craft shows around the country. Having been interested in lighting from an early age, he found it natural to incorporate glassblowing and light. During the late 1980s, Joel explored a unique technique of vertical casting he eventually used for Glasslight Menorahs, Shabbat Candlesticks, and Seder Plates reflecting different aspects of Jewish faith. He uses the same technique for other candlestick designs, as well as vases. "Creative processes build on each other," he says, "fostering the evolution of new ideas and techniques." Joel currently makes a wide range of hand-made glass lighting products in a variety of styles and is always working to develop new techniques for creating functional art. We are happy to have a variety of his designs in our showroom and at

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